musilitics: This month, we celebrated 247 birthdays with your guests.

unique music
for business
and brand

Take your guests through their most beloved memories!

Those special ones ... like the roadtrip to Portugal with that special tape playing in an endless loop

Wouldn‘t it be amazing to create memories tied to your business?

You can! With our help!

Because our music connects
moments with memories.

Now you surely want to know HOW we‘ll bring your music to your business!

It all starts with a simple talk to fully understand you, your business and your customers

With those informations our well and special trained DJs handcraft your business‘ unique playlists to:

make sure your music suits you brand and your customers will love it

make sure your music is always up to date and will never get old.

And how do we do this? (the fancy tech part)

We take your feedback on songs and your playlist in general ...

... this feedback is feeding our machine learning algorithms.

The resulting data is scientifically analysed and helps us:

to create your perfect and unique playlists ...

... which are supervised by our high professional music editorial staff

So now you have the best music, would it be a surprise when your customers love it too?

get your music now!

Of course we know your needs and concerns and take care of them. Just let our magic work for you!

You have full control but with our help.

Plug-in and forget - or play with it.

your music will never loop.

We‘ll work night and day until we hear:

„ I‘ve got the best music “

from you!

get your music now!